Making the Financial Planning Process Interactive

It is our intention to make the financial planning process interactive and educate you about the strategies that are implemented.

Our Services include:

  • Wealth management
  • Retirement planning, analysis, and forecasting
  • 401(k) rollovers and transfers
  • Risk management
  • Estate tax minimization and legacy planning
  • Strategies to protect your assets from nursing home garnishment
  • Social Security options
  • Income tax reduction strategies

Simply put, for Stephen Leavitt Financial our initial task is to know and understand your financial goals based on all the financial information about you we will gather and review together.

We will then work with you to develop a strategy to help you realize those goals throughout your retirement years. If a weakness or shortfall is noted, we can offer helpful suggestions. We also make investment recommendations that are consistent with your attitudes about risk to help you achieve your objectives.

A process will be put in place to periodically review the integrity of your financial plan and quickly identify any potential surpluses or shortages, and we'll review the implications of our findings with you.

In addition, our office also has a CPA and an attorney who have long-term relationships with the firm to address any accounting or legal assistance that you may require.